Services: Crisis and Risk Communications

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  • Preparing for Parliamentary Committees
  • Writing Effective Media Lines
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  • Crisis and Risk Communications

    Leaking radioactive material, catastrophic train derailments, acts of terrorism, public health emergencies. These are the dangers that lurk in today’s world and they make the need for effective crisis and risk communications absolutely essential.

    Communicating risk to an anxious, skeptical and at times, angry public can be challenging, especially when the situation escalates into a crisis. How do you bridge the gap between the way the experts view risk, and the way the public perceives it? How do you get both sides talking the same language?  Whom can people trust?  What should they believe?  These questions lie at the heart of crisis and risk communications.

    Burke Cader Media Strategies has delivered crisis and risk communications training to national regulatory bodies that have to communicate with the public on issues of human health and safety and environmental protection.