Services: Executive Presentation and Briefing Skills

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  • Executive Presentation and Briefing Skills

    Within large public and private sector organizations, senior executives are bombarded with more information than ever before. What’s worse, they have less time to process it. This puts increased pressure on mid and upper-level managers who are called on to brief their senior management.

    Aspiring leaders know that their presentations and briefings need to be clear, concise and compelling. They also know that strong communications skills can be a determining factor in their career advancement.

    Burke Cader Media Strategies has developed a program designed to meet this need. We call it Powerful Executive Communication: The Art of Persuasion.

    This one-day workshop provides participants with skills that will make them better communicators, better presenters, and better leaders. Participants learn the fundamentals of taking detailed and complex information and turning it into a persuasive presentation. We show them how the use of verbal and non-verbal techniques can help achieve maximum impact. We do this in small groups or with individuals using actual presentations that are video recorded, and then reviewed by participants and course leaders.

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